Dejan Toracki.

Dejan started taking lessons from Joe Cool, considered one of Australia’s finest rock guitarists of the late 1980s - 90s, and never looked back. He was a permanent member of the widely known thrash pioneers Spectral Birth, touring bands Wild Frontier and Mind State, also recording two amazing solo guitar albums, Deep Blue Cathedral (2000) and Atmospheric Disturbance (2013). His acoustic track Waxer is the opening theme to Your 4x4 TV show. Dejan's band "Shred Factor" opened for his guitar hero Joe Satriani during the Brisbane leg of his “Professor Satchafunkilus” 2008 Australian tour.

He has appeared in many guitar and metal festivals across Australia and the USA, regularly contributing to guitar product demonstrations and music store events. As an Australian endorsee of Ibanez guitars, Dejan has regularly performed at Ibanez clinics and guitar range launches since 2009. Agents of the Enemy allows Dejan to pursue his twin passions of composing and performing heavy technical music, playing live for serious metal fans wherever they are.